Stress Relief

I write because… it frees me. I’m not a social person so I like putting my thoughts on paper rather than voicing my opinions out loud. Writing is my way of dealing with stress and general negativity. I let my mind wander and my fingers talk. When I have a test or exam, it is impossible for me to concentrate without having written everything I’m feeling in my diary.

I started writing in my diary when I was about fourteen and it has been therapeutic. After two years of entering my thoughts in my diary, it became a habit. I realized that my grades in English and Social Studies were high since I started keeping my journal so I decided to branch out and write stories of my own (though they’ve never been officially published.)

I tend to overthink, writing helps me clear up the mess in my mind and helps me analyse things properly. I have an active imagination and live in whatever book I’m reading, movie or TV show I’m watching. Writing is how fantasize, I suppose.

People tease me a lot because I usually have my head buried in a book but it doesn’t bother me much anymore. I write for myself and they are usually personal. I hate it when people read my stuff without permission. The reason I love posting stuff on the internet is because of the anonymity. I can easily voice what I’m feeling, remain anonymous and get feedback from people without being judged- which I think is fantastic!

In short, writing is how I express myself and feel the most comfortable with.


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