The List

I have been using public buses to go to my college for the past four years and I am not sure whether I love it or absolutely hate it. There are times when I love travelling by bus- if I get a seat, especially by the window and there are no annoying people nearby. I love how I have to get on and get off without worrying about anything since accidents are very rare when it comes to buses. But there are times when I just want to jump out.

Here’s a list of things I hate about travelling by bus:

a) The wait: Don’t you just hate it when you’re early for once and you have to wait for a long time to get a bus and go where you need to? It happens to me all the time! I have seconds to spare when I reach the class everyday but on those rare days when I’m early, I basically have to wait. Especially when my classes get over at 4, I wait for an hour in the bus stop and get a really crowded bus.

b) Texting: It’s a crowded bus at 9. Everyone is in a hurry to get to schools, college or work and on edge. You’re hanging onto the rod hoping you don’t fall down, then ding! A text from a girl’s boyfriend asking where she is. So starts the conversation “I’m in stop A”, “OK Sweetie”, “Now I’m in Stop B, darling :-*” The conversation goes on and I start to worry that she’s going to fall on me because she is no longer holding the rod and is swaying dangerously. Ultimately, she does fall down, start crying and call her boyfriend after some ladies scold her for being so idiotic!

c) Eating: Due to some miracle I get a seat. While I’m inwardly celebrating, a bunch of giggling girls get on the bus and stand near my seat which is perfectly normal. Then they open a pack of chips and start eating. I understand that by then everyone is usually hungry but I just can’t stand it when people eat in the bus standing so close to me. Every time the driver hits the brake, the crumbs fall all over me. I once gave up my seat to a girl who had an ice cream candy stick in her hand on a sunny day which was already melting.

d) The grope: I realize that sometimes accidents happen but there will always be pervs who do stuff on purpose. There is nothing you can do except maybe curse their smug grin off in your mind.

e) The change: Conductors are probably the rudest people I’ve come across. When they are on the verge of being angry, there will always be that one person who will give a 500 note instead of giving the required amount which starts a war that results in the bus stopping till that customer gets off in the middle of nowhere. Curses all around!

f) Random checks: There will be random checking to make sure that the conductor is giving tickets properly or that the passengers have proper bus passes and tickets. I have never been in a bus where no one gets caught. It’s sometimes entertaining when people get caught for not having bought tickets. But when it’s crowded, it gets annoying having to show your pass/ ticket.

g) Limitless: Is there a rule that says no matter how full the bus is there is always room for more people? It sure feels like it! The bus will be full, people will be standing on the foot-board, the bus will stop for more people to board.

Here are the things I can think of at the moment that annoy me. If there are things that annoy you, do share them!


Stress Relief

I write because… it frees me. I’m not a social person so I like putting my thoughts on paper rather than voicing my opinions out loud. Writing is my way of dealing with stress and general negativity. I let my mind wander and my fingers talk. When I have a test or exam, it is impossible for me to concentrate without having written everything I’m feeling in my diary.

I started writing in my diary when I was about fourteen and it has been therapeutic. After two years of entering my thoughts in my diary, it became a habit. I realized that my grades in English and Social Studies were high since I started keeping my journal so I decided to branch out and write stories of my own (though they’ve never been officially published.)

I tend to overthink, writing helps me clear up the mess in my mind and helps me analyse things properly. I have an active imagination and live in whatever book I’m reading, movie or TV show I’m watching. Writing is how fantasize, I suppose.

People tease me a lot because I usually have my head buried in a book but it doesn’t bother me much anymore. I write for myself and they are usually personal. I hate it when people read my stuff without permission. The reason I love posting stuff on the internet is because of the anonymity. I can easily voice what I’m feeling, remain anonymous and get feedback from people without being judged- which I think is fantastic!

In short, writing is how I express myself and feel the most comfortable with.