Rewind to Unwind

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“Regret” is something we all have in common. Some may have less number of regrets but they might have had a huge impact on one’s life while for others it may be little regrets that sometimes make them cringe. 

The biggest event I would like to change is the ‘Business Fest’ that I attended.  The day was a disaster and I was a mess.

A few days before the fest, a group of seniors selected the candidates for particular events that would be held in the fest. I was teamed up with a girl from another class, we were told to give our details to the others after introductions and we were all set. I was really excited. The college that the fest was held in is kind of famous so I was looking forward to it. 

I tried approaching my ‘partner’ a week before the fest because I like being thorough and wanted to know what her plans were. She was always unavailable; either she was not in class or she hadn’t come to class. I should have heard the warning bells in my head but I didn’t want to be dropped. I told the senior who had picked us my problem and she promised she would look into it. 

The day of the fest went something like this: 

My mom dropped me off; the college was far away from my house but I didn’t care. There would be buses right? I met up with my classmates who had all come in ‘pairs’ sat down for the opening function to begin. The speech was really cool, there were many chief guests who were famous- I was enjoying my first ever “Business Fest”. Until I saw my ‘partner’ that is.  

She had come with another classmate of hers! I gave her the benefit of doubt and asked her if she had put her name down for any of the events during registration. She had; paired up with her friend who wasn’t even selected. I was taken by surprise which turned to hurt in a matter of seconds. I said ‘good luck’ and went to sit by classmates and told them what happened. They were upset on my behalf but were totally helpless. So was the senior who had called her boyfriend because her partner couldn’t make it!

The first event was a team game which required the participants to buy stuff from the stall, sell their share of products to people (anyone) and earn money. Everyone had someone to pair up with- except me that is.  

For three hours I sat alone just looking at the volunteers run about helping/ guiding participants with their tasks, all the while holding back my tears. I had finally had enough; I wanted to go home. Problem was I didn’t know where the bus stop was or which bus to take! I felt lost and realized literally was lost.

I still sat in the same chair when my classmates returned from their task. They were buzzing with excitement talking about things I very obviously wasn’t included in. One horrible and expensive lunch later, it was time for the next part of the fest.

It was a team challenge too but there was a twist! It was a written task where the two participants would have to  write down which college they were from. Meaning: no boyfriend/ girlfriend thing many had done during the first part. When my senior talked me into pairing up with her I was just so hurt! She could’ve done that in the first place!

When the task was over it was time for the marketing event for the final year students and they were required to go to individual destinations to receive instructions for the next task. I went in with a few who were heading towards the bus stop that was twenty minutes by walk. Two buses and an hour later I was finally home!

Given the chance to alter it,  I would like to have my best friend to pair up with me so I can finally know what the hype is all about. And of course have a lot of fun!




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